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Aug 23 2010

Design 911 are now stockiest and distributors for Performance Friction Brakes

The absolute best brakes on the market Performance Friction brakes are the standard of excellence in high-performance vehicles, and street vehicles.

Track days and street upgrades for nearly every make and model are manufactured to meet or exceed OE specifications. Whether you’re driving a brand new Porsche or a vintage collectible, we’ve got the brakes to fit your needs. Design 911 offer a wide range of Performance Friction brake pads for all Porsche models from 1970 – 2010, also in the program are a range of Two-piece floating street upgrade disc and replacement steel disc for cars with Porsche Ceramic Composite Brakes (PCCB)


2010 Production Performance Friction Race Compounds listed in the order of highest bite

and torque.

07 Compound (Similar to Pagid RS15)

07 PFC’s latest high bite and torque compound has been designed for the GT and rally market and has gained immediate favour with factory teams due to its unsurpassed performance. 07 has higher initial bite and higher average torque than any other PFC compound. 07 will have some friction rise with temperature and handle the most severe applications. The release and modulation characteristics are excellent as this compound is favoured for both tarmac and gravel surfaces. 07 gives very low disc wear despite its considerable performance and is still capable of similar wear to 01.

05 Compound (Similar to Pagid  RS15)

05 compound has higher initial bite with higher average torque than 01 compound and virtually no friction rise with temperature. 05 has excellent release and modulation characteristics and recommended for high grip, high downforce and severe duty applications. This compound demands the most from the vehicle setup and is suitable for tarmac applications.

11 Compound (Similar to Pagid RS14)

01 has high initial bite and torque with very little torque rise with temperature. It has less torque scatter at the end of the stop for improved modulation. 01 Compound has good disc conditioning properties with low wear. 01 Compound is one of PFC’s most popular race compounds, and wins more World and National Championships annually than any other brake pad on the market. Recommended for a wide range of competition applications, both tarmac and gravel surfaces.

06 compound (Similar to Pagid Yellow RS29)

06 has been designed as an endurance / sprint compound and is very similar to PFC 01 for both bite and torque, with excellent release and control with very low wear and very easy on brake discs. 06 pads are an excellent alternative to other brands of endurance compounds but give a much higher performance. This compound works well in both motorsport and OE type calipers even when ABS systems are retained.

08 Compound (Similar to Pagid Yellow RS19)

08 compound is one of PFC’s newest and has gained immediate favour in extended Endurance Sportscar, and GT racing due to its performance in applications where smooth initial bite is a must. 08 has a slight friction rise with temperature, excellent release and modulation characteristics. Very low disc wear, similar to 01. Despite its considerable performance, 08 has the lowest wear rate of all PFC compounds and can easily match the wear characteristics of the other competitor’s materials but with much higher bite.

97 Compound (Similar to Pagid RS42/RS44)

97 Compound has less initial bite and average torque than 08. It has great modulation, a very flat torque curve, and enhanced release characteristics. 97 is recommended as a general-purpose pad for Club Racing and Track Day events. This compound also works well in the rear when a higher torque front pad is chosen but a very stable consistent low torque rear pad is required.

Z-Rated .11 compound (Similar to Pagid Sport RS)

This compound has been designed for fast road / trackday applications. It gives more stopping power and increased fade resistance over the OE materials but retains the good qualities or the road pad i.e., low dusting and noise along with low wear rate.

– High performance compound, gained through competition pad developments

– Compound designed for low dusting qualities

– Several built in noise suppression technologies

– Excellent disc conditioning, giving even transfer layer on disc to reduce uneven pad deposits.

Pagid and Performance Friction quick convertion…

Pagid = RS Range

Performance Friction = Z Rated

Low dust, good bite, Good torque curve

Pagid = RS42/RS44

Performance Friction = 97

Good initial bite, linear torque curve, RS42/44 have rising torque curve with temperature

Pagid = RS14

Performance Friction = 01

High initial bite, easier to bed in, linear torque curve, consistent

Pagid = RS15

Performance Friction = 05

Higher friction level, easy to bed in

Pagid = RS29

Performance Friction = 06

Better pedal feel, higher friction level, less compressible material, kinder on discs, long life

Pagid = RS15

Performance Friction = 07

Easier to bed in, progressive torque curve, rising rate of friction with temperature

Pagid = RS19

Performance Friction = 08

Better pedal feel, higher friction level, less compressible material, kinder on discs, long life

RS Range

Z Rated

Low dust, good bite, Good torque curve

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