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HID Light Kits

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HID H7 Xenon Light Bulb Kit Porsche Cayman / Boxster 987 / 997

HID H7 Xenon Light Bulb Kit Porsche Cayman / Boxster 987 / 997


What does HID Stand for?
HID stands for High Intensity Discharge. The term xenon is comes from the type of gas that is found inside the bulb.

New Separate Igniter Kits, No flickering, No error message on the dash

The HID system consists of 4 Items
2 x Xenon bulbs
2 x Separate Igniters /Cancellers
2 x Electronic ballasts
2 x Relay Harnesses

What advantages are there with HID compared to Halogen Bulbs?
There are many advantages to HID. 1/3 less power consumption. Xenon lamps are only 35 watts. The ballasts only draw 1.2 amps of power! This puts a much lower strain on the cars electrical system. Frees up more power to power other goodies, such as audio equipment 3 times the light output: No halogen bulb can even come close to the output of a normal HID light. More visibility equals more night time safety. Much more powerful than halogen, HID allows you to see farther and brighter during nighttime driving. Plus, HID approximates the temperature of sunlight, so objects appear more real.

Installation.... What is involved?
You need some very basic mechanic skills and a little time. Installation for Xenon kits should be fitted by an engineer / auto electictian. In a nutshell, simply insert the HID light in the light housing, find a suitable location for the ballasts and run the wires to the bulb connect the factory harness to the ballast.

The Legal bit !
This HID conversion kit cannot be approved for road use unless automatic leveling and washing systems are installed.

For CAN Bus Equipped Vehicles

For Fitting Instructions Please Click Here

Price: £249.00
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