FAQ: Brexit 2021

By Renata on Saturday, April 2, 2022

Say goodbye to Brexit ! 

As from April 2022, Design911 has opened a distribution warehouse in the Netherlands, customers in the EU from the following countries below will have their orders dispatched from the Netherlands warehouse.

AT           Austria

BE           Belgium

BG          Bulgaria

HR          Croatia

CY           Cyprus

CZ           Czech Republic

DK          Denmark

EE           Estonia

FI            Finland

FR           France

DE           Germany

GR          Greece

HU          Hungary

IE            Ireland

IT            Italy

LV           Latvia

LT            Lithuania

LU           Luxembourg

MT         Malta

NL           Netherlands

PL           Poland

PT           Portugal

RO          Romania

SK           Slovakia

SI            Slovenia

ES           Spain

SE           Sweden

We need to store our customers company / business VAT registration number. If you are a business and purchase these items through your EU Vat number please include this number on any online orders or pass this information to your Sales Rep.