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Mobil 1™ ESP X4 0W-40 Advanced Synthetic Technology Engine Oil, 1L - 157813
Code: 157813
Mobil 1™ ESP X4 0W-40
Advanced Synthetic Technology Engine Oil

1 Litre Bottle

Mobil 1™ ESP x4 0W-40 is an advanced synthetic technology engine oil specifically designed to provide outstanding performance for high powered 
engines, providing outstanding engine cleanliness, wear protection, strong durability and advanced fuel economy(1) (2).  Mobil 1™ ESP x4 0W-40 has been expertly engineered to help prolong the life in new emerging gasoline powered European vehicles. It is the latest technology developed within the framework of the collaboration established with Porsche AG for over the past 25 years.

Features and Benefits

Mobil 1 ESP x4 0W-40 is made with a proprietary blend of leading edge components formulated to be fully compatible with the latest Gasoline Particulate filters (GPF's). Mobil 1 ESP x4 0W-40 has been designed to help deliver outstanding performance and protection in conjunction with advanced fuel economy benefits. Key features and potential benefits(3) include:

Active cleaning agents:
Contributes to deliver outstanding engine cleanliness and sludge control

Outstanding high-temperature thermal and oxidation stability:
Helps to reduce oil aging for protection throughout your oil drain interval

Enhanced frictional properties:
Helps improve fuel economy

Excellent low temperature capabilities:
Quick cold weather performance to help provide protection at start-up

High temperature oil film resistance:
Contributes to outstanding wear protection.


Mobil 1 ESP 
4x 0W-40 is recommended for high-performance gasoline or Diesel engines equipped with GPF or DPF (particulate filters) and selected gasoline engines without GPF.

•  Mobil 1 ESP x4 0W-40 is particularly recommended in modern Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Mercedes AMG and Porsche high power engines calling for A40 / C40 / VW 511 00 / MB 229.52 oil specifications.(4)

•  Mobil 1 ESP x4 0W-40 is not suitable for Porsche vehicles requiring a an C20, C30 or C40 GT approved Mobil 1 engine oil. Mobil 1™ ESP X4 0W-40 cannot be used in Porsche GT engines.  There is a separate Mobil 1 product for GT engines, Mobil 1™ C40 GT 0W-40.

(1): according to VW PV1496 FE tests.
(2): Actual savings are dependent upon vehicle and engine type, outside temperature and barometric pressure, driving conditions and your current engine oil viscosity.
(3): Based on industry and OEM standard engine tests.
(4): Always consult the owner's manual of the vehicle for the manufacturer's recommended viscosity grade and specifications.

Specifications and Approvals:

•  This product has the following approvals:
Porsche C40
VW 511 00
MB-Approval 229.52
MB-Approval 229.51
Porsche A40

•  This product is recommended for use in applications requiring:

•  This product meets or exceeds the requirements of:
FIAT 9.55535-S2

Everything you need to know about oil please see:
Porsche Oils overview

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