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About Lighting

When it comes to the lighting systems on your Porsche, it is important that everything is working as designed for your own safety and to make sure that your car is road legal. Nobody wants to be pulled over by the police because their brake lights aren’t working.


We are able to provide headlamps for left-hand drive and right-hand drive cars (it’s very important to buy the correct lights for each type of car). We also are able to supply you with LED SMD Bulbs, LED Daytime Running Lights, Light Bulbs, Interior/Compartment Lamps, Number Plate Lights, 3rd Brake Lights, Side Repeaters Fog/Drive Lamps, Indicators Rear, Indicators Front, HID Light Kits, Headlight Parts & Lens and much more.



When should I replace my Porsche Lighting?


It always pays to be prepared and having spare sets of Porsche Lightbulbs can save you a ticket from the police. It allows you to replace your blown bulb near instantly, keeping you and your family safe. In general, the best time to replace your Porsche lighting systems is as soon as you start to experience any problems with them.


We all rely on our lighting systems and for the most part, take them for granted, but we guarantee, after spending one dark evening with a lighting fault you will quickly realise just how much we depend on the lighting system working to get us around safely.


Indicators are very important, they communicate with other drivers letting them know of our cars intended direction, without them working properly we put ourselves at risk of causing a road accident. It is very important that you check their working condition every couple of months and if you notice a problem it needs to be fixed immediately.


What are the most common Porsche Lighting Issues?


After several years of use on the road, you may find that your indicators are becoming dis-coloured, starting to reduce their effectiveness. In some cases this can be fixed by a refurbishment, cleaning the lenses and removing scuffs and scratches to bring them back up to full capacity.


However, sometimes it is more cost effective to simply purchase new ones. It is also common for Porsche headlights to suffer from similar problems over a 5 year + period. You may not even notice the damaged condition of the lights until you compare the lens to that of a brand new unit. Upon closer inspection you will often see that your lenses are a different, more yellow shade then they are supposed to be and coated in small scratches.


It would surprise you just how much light this obscure. At design 911 we offer a Porsche Headlight Refurbishment service to try and fix these problems as much as possible. In most cases, it is impossible to refurbish the headlights to ‘as-new’ condition, so it may be in your best interest to purchase a new set of headlights if yours have clearly seen better days.


After some years you may notice that some of the internal lights in your Porsche are only working intermittently, this is an obvious sign that you may have a wiring problem. Often this problem will be localised to the specific component that is giving you trouble. Replacing this component in full will resolve the issue in most instances.

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