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Design 911 Design 911 supply Porsche parts, Porsche spares and Porsche accessories, to both retail and to the trade. Our Porsche product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and Porsche panels and interiors. +443456003478 Facebook Instagram

Rubber Seals

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About Rubber Seals

At Design 911 we offer a wide variety of Rubber Seal Options for a wide range of Porsches. We are able to provide everything from Rubber Seal Packages, Door Seals, Bumper Front Seals, Bumper Rear Seals, Side Sill Seals, Cabrio Hood Seals, Targa Top Seals, Sunroof Seals, Rear Spoiler Seals, Bonnet / Boot Seals, Engine Compartment Seals, Pedal Rubbers, Wing to Panel Seals, Rubbers & mouldings Car Kits, Front Screen, Rear Screen, Door Glass, Rear Quarter Glass and much more.

Using our site you can filter results to show you only parts which will fit on your vehicle. For example, you can Find Porsche 964 Seals, Porsche 924 Seals, Porsche 996 Seals, Porsche 911 Seals and much more.

Do Porsche weather seals wear away?

Over time, harsh weather and varying temperatures will slowly start to wear away the Porsche Rubber Seals on your vehicle. It is normal for this to happen to cars as they get older. Especially in countries that experience hot/cold weather changes, as this causes extra damage to the rubber. You can detect if the Seals on your Porsche are damaged easily from a visual inspection.

You also may notice that your car is allowing water into the cabin. This can cause mould to develop inside your car, potentially costing thousands in damage if left unchecked. It is very important to stop this from occurring. It can also allow air to force itself into the cabin at higher speeds, this can cause uncomfortable whistling noises which will definitely not help with the comfort of any journeys. Another effect of having damaged Automotive Weather Stripping is that it can make your Porsche more exposed to cold air, due to literal leaks in the insulative materials designed to keep you dry and warm.

How much does it cost to re-fit a car with weather seals?

Each model of Porsche has a different cost involved with refitting. We sell complete packages for a select number of models of Porsche that allows you to fully refit all of the seals on your Porsche. Properly protecting the interior of your Porsche from any and all weather that the vehicle could be exposed to. For instance, you can Purchase a Restoration Bumper Seals Kit for the Porsche 964 for a price of £1,119.89. This kit includes Porsche 964 Rear Bumper to Body Seal, Porsche 964 Side Sill Seal, 964 Bonnet Seal, 964 Door Handle Seal, Inner Door Felt Seals and everything else needed to get the job done.

Another kit that we provide is for the Porsche 993. The Restoration Seals Kit Porsche 993 Coupe STD Body sells for £2,587.03. This kit includes; Porsche 993 Front Wing Seals, Porsche 993 Upper Front Bumper, Porche 993 Door Seals, Porsche 993 Rear Screen Seals and everything else needed to get the job done.

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