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Design 911 Design 911 supply Porsche parts, Porsche spares and Porsche accessories, to both retail and to the trade. Our Porsche product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and Porsche panels and interiors. +443456003478 Facebook Instagram

Electrical & Relays

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About Electrical & Relays

We offer every switch, motor and pump available for modern Porsches and classic Porsches. The most obvious examples of switches in your car are the controls in your vehicle's door, which activate everything from your windows, your wing mirrors and even your sunroof should your car have one.

We have everything that you could possibly need available at competitive prices here on our website. We sell Porsche Electrical Connectors & Relays for every Porsche available.

Do you need a new Wiper Switch, Seat Switch, Window Motor, Fuel Pump or anything other Porsche Electrical Part, then look no further than Design 911.

What are the everyday Porsche electrical parts I can

get from Design 911?

Everything including -

Fuel Pumps, Brake Light Switches, Brake and Clutch switch, Hazard Warning Switch, Handbrake Switch, Reverse Light Switch, Headlamp Switch, Window Switch, Window Motors, Window Mechanism, Wiper Motors, Wiper Mechanisms, Electric Hortn, Smart Top Control Units, Ignition Switch, Seat Switch, Indicator / Wiper Stalk Switch, Roof / Sunroof Switch, Relays / Fuses, Washer Pumps / Bottles / Jets, Alarms, Security, Central Locking, Electronic Control Units, Wiper Switches, Dashboard / Console Parts & Switches, Door Mirror Switch, Bonnet / Rear Lid / Spoiler Activators & Motors / Airbags, Tracker, Cruise Control and more!

We aim to provide all Porsche Switches, Porsche Relays and Porsche Electrical Connectors that you could possibly need for your car, regardless of the make, model or year of your vehicle.

So, regardless of what has stopped working on your Porsche, we can have the replacement in the post before the end of the day in most cases.

How often should you replace Electrical Relays for


As soon as you detect an Electrical Relay fault with your vehicle you should book yourself in with a Porsche Specialist so they can Identify the problem quickly and efficiently (it can take some digging through your car to reach where they are located.

As soon as the relay is replaced the issue should be completely resolved and the car should be back to working as normal. Why spend all that money on a premium luxury car if you are going to drive it round faulty!

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