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Mats & Carpets

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About Mats & Carpets

At Design 911 you are able to buy made to order Porsche Floor Mats. These are some of the most luxurious mat sets available mats combining the highest specification materials with quality craftsmanship, premier mats offer luxury and durability without compromise. We have ten mat colours to choose from and all edges are piped with traditional ‘leather look’ bindings - 15 in all.

With this choice plus full personalisation options, there is a premier mat set guaranteed to enhance any interior. Supplied as complete sets for the passenger compartment, both front mats are fitted with safety fixings to prevent slippage. For both left hand & right-hand drive cars.

On top of the luxury options we also supply all standard options if you are just looking to replace your worn out mats.

Why would I want to replace my Porsche Floor Mat?

Floor Mats purpose is to absorb any dirt and damage that would otherwise be targetted on the floor of your car, which is considerably less convenient (and much more expensive) to replace.

After a couple of years, maybe even less if you have kids who don’t understand the damage that can be done with muddy shoes, you may start to notice that the colour of your floormats doesn’t quite match the colour of your car carpets like it did when you first got the car.

This just means that they have fulfilled their purpose! In some cases, you can deep clean the floor mats to extend their lifetim, but they will never look quite as good as when they are factory fresh.

Our shoes don’t just collect harmless dirt, we also pick up bacteria and other unpleasant substances that can start to generate horrible smells, this is another good time to consider purchasing replacement Porsche Floor Mats.

How often would you say it’s necessary to replace a

car’s floor mat?

You should replace the car’s floor mat as soon as:

The Heel Pad is lifting


If the stitching around the mat heel pad has come away, we recommend you replace the driver mat/set. This flaw is likely to catch your heel as you accelerate or brake and cause a world of pain for your ability to control the vehicle. additionally, mats that slip around a bunch also expose the carpet underneath to the damage the mat is designed to take. Check out the driver experience below.

It Slips Around


A car mat that slips around on the driver side will cause an issue similar to the one above. It can impede the brake or accelerator and cause you to lose control of your vehicle.

Usually, it’s a result of not having a retention system to hold everything in place or when some part of that system is broken e.g. the ‘ring’ or eyelet has broken off and ‘hook’ begins pulling on the carpet.

Additionally, mats that slip around a bunch also expose the carpet underneath to the damage the mat is designed to take. Check out the driver experience below.

You Want To Freshen Things Up

For those who view their car as more than just a mode of transport, there is no better way to spruce up the car interior than a new set of mats. Not for everyone, but the option is there.

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