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Steering Parts

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About Steering Parts

On the surface, steering seems simple, you turn the wheel, the car turns, however, the Steering wheel is just an ergonomic tip of the iceberg.

All of the work actually performed is out of sight, and as a result often out of mind. We sell a wide variety of Steering Racks, Steering Gaiter, Track Rods, U Joints & Shafts, Pedals Control Parts, Power Steering Conversion and more!

Find all the Porsche Steering Parts that you could possibly need on our website, for all ages of Porsche, Classic and Modern.

What are the most common issues with Porsche

Steering Wheels?

Low Power Steering Fluid - Low Power Steering Fluid is one of the most common issues that you’ll have as a driver.

Your car will need its power steering fluid topped-up every once in a while, to ensure that the Hydraulic Power Steering System continues to function smoothly.

Power Steering Fluid leaks - If you continually add more Power Steering Fluid to your car, but it doesn’t seem to help, you may have a Power Steering Leak. Power Steering Fluid is typically clear or pink.

So, it is worth keeping an eye out for either coming being deposited on the ground where you park your car.

Failing Steering Rack Mount - Most modern cars use a “Rack-and-Pinion” Steering System.

Rack mounting bushings are attached to the steering wheel, and move side-to-side to absorb impacts from the suspension.

If the steering rack begins to wear out, you may notice” jerking of the wheel when going over bumps, inconsistent steering or “clunking” sounds in the steering column, Clicking or popping noises may also be present.

Need help diagnosing a Porsche Steering Fault? Finding the source of the problem yourself is not always the easiest or safest route to take. Book in with a Porsche specialist!

Call us and ask for our service department if you would like to book your Porsche in.

How much would it cost to completely replace my

Porsches Steering Wheel?

Replacing your entire Porsche Steering System with Porsche Steering Spares will cost you different prices depending on your model of Porsche.

Using our handy site feature, you can pick your exact model of Porsche, and then our site will filter out irrelevant results. Leaving only the Porsche Steering Wheel Spare Parts which are compatible with your vehicle.

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