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Design 911 Design 911 supply Porsche parts, Porsche spares and Porsche accessories, to both retail and to the trade. Our Porsche product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and Porsche panels and interiors. +443456003478 Facebook Instagram

Chassis / Bodywork

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About Chassis / Bodywork

We offer a huge range of Porsche Chassis Parts for as many models of Porsche that you could think of. We have a full selection of Porsche Restoration Parts and Porsche Backdating Kits.

If you need anything from a new windscreen to Porsche Body Panels & Repair Panels, Boot Lids, Bumpers and Roll Cages. Our Porsche Chassis parts are all made from high-quality materials, we have both original Porsche parts and in some cases the Aftermarket equivalents. All of our Porsche Body Parts are expertly packed up and sent out all over the world.

Which Porsche Body Parts are essential?

It is very important for you to stay on top of keeping your Porsche properly maintained. Why spends thousands of pounds on a premium car if you aren’t going to keep it in the best condition possible. Should you damage a bumper, the windscreen or your mirrors, the replacements could be in the post and on their way to you today at some of the most competitive prices within the industry!

Keeping your Porsche looking factory fresh is really in your own best interest as it helps your vehicle maintain (or grow) its value over the years and keeps the neighbour peeking over the fence with envy. We have Porsche parts for every car you could think of, from the Porsche Cayenne and Macan to parts for a classic 1950s 365 and everything in-between.

Have any questions about which Porsche Body Part you need for your specific vehicle? Give our expert customer service team a call!

Do you have aesthetic Porsche Body Parts for Customisation?

We absolutely sell Aesthetic Porsche Body Parts - allowing you to customize (or backdate) your Porsche to exactly how you want it. For some models of Porsche, changing the Bumpers and wings (and other bits and pieces) allows you to make your Porsche look more like an older or newer model, potentially making it more desirable. 

There are several Iconic Spoilers / Boot Lids on the early Porsche 911’s and everybody has a personal favorite, so if there's one you prefer and it is compatible with your car, why not take the plunge!

We have ‘Tea Tray’ Spoilers, Ducktail Spoilers, Whale Tail Spoilers and anything else that you could think of. We also have all of the necessary parts to get the modification safely attached to your car!

Please research or check with us regarding Porsche Chassis Parts in question and whether or not it is appropriate for your model of car.

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