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Design 911 Design 911 supply Porsche parts, Porsche spares and Porsche accessories, to both retail and to the trade. Our Porsche product and accessory range includes brakes, exhausts, tyres, wheels and Porsche panels and interiors. +443456003478 Facebook Instagram


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About Exhausts

Sports Exhaust Systems, Performance Exhausts & Replacement products.

Design911 is renowned as a specialised sports exhaust and performance exhaust system dealer. We can supply and fit an extensive range of performance exhaust systems for most cars. With 1000’s stainless steel exhausts systems and sports exhaust systems at our disposal we can accommodate your preference for sound, performance and styling.

We have strong links with many of the key performance sports exhaust manufactures and distributors, these include: DesignTek exhausts, Remus exhausts, Dansk exhausts, Milltek exhausts, Akrapovic exhausts, Supersprit exhausts.

Akrapovic Exhaust Dansk Original Exhaust DesignTek Exhaust  Fabspeed Exhaust Remus Exhaust

Sports exhausts, Performance enhancing Exhausts & Replacement products and parts can all be found here on our website. Here at Design 911 we are renowned for providing specialized sports exhausts and performance exhausts systems worldwide. We can supply and fit an extensive range of Exhaust Parts and Porsche Sports Exhausts for almost all Porsches in existence.

With thousands of stainless-steel exhaust systems as well as Porsche sports exhaust systems at our disposal, we can easily accommodate your preference for sound, performance and aesthetic styling. Not sure of your preference just yet? Our expert in-house team would be more than happy to offer advice on the wide range of product that we supply.

We have a close relationship with many of the key performance enhancing sports exhaust manufacturers and distributors, these include Designtek Exhausts, Remus Exhausts, Dansk Exhausts, Milltek Exhausts, Akrapovic Exhausts, and Supersprint Exhausts. So basically every manufacturer of Porsche exhausts that there is.

Why upgrade your exhaust?

For either more or less sound, improved performance or aesthetic purposes, we can provide parts for all needs and requirements.

With many of these systems which are hidden away under your car, you can purchase a pair of tailpipes with a range of designs so you have something aesthetic to show for the money6 you have spent on your new system.

What is the best Porsche Exhaust kit?

Obviously, Porsche spends a lot of time on research and development but as with any road car, performance and sound are compromised so the car meets the requirements of many different markets and that the car is more refined for occupants of the car.

Generally the more you spend on an exhaust system the better the quality and the more time is spent on research and development. For example, Akrapovic only uses the best possible titanium and in some cases, steel with top end Carbon to make their systems and the amount of R and D that goes into their exhaust is very extensive making sure the maximum power is extracted without having the droning in the cabin.

Other brands such as Supersprint, Remus, Miltek, Designtek, and Fabspeed also do research and development to make sure they extract power although sometimes suffer from some droning as to gain the extra flow of the exhaust the muffling in the exhaust is compromised.

If you are after a sportier sound then just replacing the back boxes is a good place to start as this is where most of the sound muffling is carried out.

If you are after power then to complement the sportier back boxes you should replace the catalytic converters (CATS)  with the sports type which will free up a lot of restricted air flow through the exhaust system.

You can then if you are after maximum potential replace the headers with equal length free flow type so you don’t get the gases from each cylinder hitting the cats at a different time which can cause a bit of turbulent air affecting the air flow through the system.

Once you have decided on what you are after you can take a look at what brand of exhaust fits your budget for what you are aiming to achieve.

You can always contact Design 911s sales team for help in choosing the correct system that suits your needs.

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